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Tinkerlust concierge is a collaboration service between Tinkerlust and Profesional Organizer Indonesia where we can help you provide complete solution for your disorganized closet space: decluttering, organizing and sell your preloved item. Decluttered, organized, earn extra cash!

(All Price excludes delivery and installation)

Tinkerlust Concierge (Daily Rate)

(Price by Quote)
  • We will help you declutter and organize your closet, and give a new home to your preloved fashion items (clothes, shoea, bags, accessories) and make ups where you'll also get a cash reward from the sold items. Fill the form below and our Service Advisor will contact you.

What's included:

- Up to 6 work hours
- We label your fashion items and help registration to Tinkerlust account
- Storages is available for purchase during organizing project
- Organizing Kit included at price (e.g digital labelling, velcro, cable ties, clips, key chain)
- Sorting bin, donation bag, trash bag
- Item will be available for pick up by thinkerlust (items donated > 15 pcs )


Founded by Tiara Astari back in 2018, Professional Organizer Indonesia aimed to be a center of organizing solution in Indonesia that focus on creating solution in the form of organization services and products.

Best Value
We can help you bring happiness to a space by creating a unique sustainable organization system

Saving Budget
We have the trained team and experience to make the project run smoothly. We direct the job to be done on time and on budget.

Project Management
Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication. Each project is led by a project manager

Tinkerlust Concierge FAQ

Tinkerlust Concierge is a form of collaboration between Tinkerlust and Professional Organizer Indonesia (POI). We will help you organize your closet, and at the same time sell fashion items that you no longer use.

Register via form, and send a photo or video of the space you want to organize through the form in an open storage condition like this example. 

If it’s a video, put the gdrive link into the google form. After that, you will be contacted via WhatsApp for more detailed information and to determine the arrival schedule for the POI team. After the project is complete you will be contacted by the Tinkerlust Customer Service team, to send personal data, register a seller account at Tinkerlust, and arrange a pick-up schedule for your goods by Tinkerlust.

TL Concierge team consists of 2-3 people in one session.

The duration per session is 6 hours. In the first session, you will practice sorting items together and organizing items with storage bundling that we have prepared and selected based on the most useful in several POI projects. Results vary greatly with client involvement, number of items, wardrobe area, availability of organizing solutions and assessment forms.

We only accept women’s fashion items such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, makeup and skin care, which are 100% authentic. For more information about the items we accept and do not receive, please visit this page if you wish to sell items in Tinkerlust webpage, or this page if you wish to get cash right away from your luxury branded items.

 More FAQs can be found on the Tinkerlust website

Phone (by appointment)

+62 812 8218 3337




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